How to Find Your Passion In Life and Love the Life You’re Living

how to find your passion

When was the last time you felt fully alive, plugged into your own internal fire and deeply satisfied with your life?

Living a life with passion is different from working towards goals or determining your purpose in life.

And that single difference is why so many of us may miss living a truly passionate life.

If you’re looking for your passion or wondering why you can’t find it, try these ideas to find your passion in life and fully enjoy living your life again.

Finding Your Passion Versus Finding Your Purpose

Finding your purpose is creating something that is uniquely yours that you can then bring into the world to contribute to a larger whole. It’s bringing meaning into your life through helping others.  

Finding your passion is the process of connecting with your heart and your soul. It’s self-nourishing.

It’s filling up your own cup so that you have enough of the good stuff overflowing in your life to spill into the lives of others.

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What Does Passion Really Mean?

What is passion? Is it a job or a career? Could it be another person?

Is passion something outside of you? Or is it something that you have to go beyond yourself to find?

Or is passion something altogether closer?

Passion is an emotion. It’s a physical state. The true essence of passion is feeling.

It’s how you feel in your body. And by this, I mean beyond just the physical procreation type of passion (which is another topic entirely.)

The type of passion I’m talking about here is the passion you feel when you wake up in the morning in love with life and ready to live each moment to the fullest.

It’s more than just a thought.

Think of passion as an embodied emotion that flows from your essence. It’s like having a full battery with energy to spare.

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How To Find Your Passion In Life

Is passion just an emotion? Or is it even more?

While enjoyment is an emotion and happiness is, too, is there more to passion than just feeling good?

When you find your passion for life and living, it heightens your awareness and the way you interact with even the smallest details in your life.

It’s like falling in love. The colors look brighter, the air smells sweeter. Your heart swells when you hear a certain song or see a certain person.

It’s a step into the unknown. It’s seeing your life and your world from a fresh new perspective.

You start to notice the wonder and mystery all around you. You’re suddenly aware of your own true essence.

You see the beauty and truth of yourself. You recognize the real you that’s usually hidden underneath old insecurities.

A world of fresh new possibilities opens up before you. It’s exciting and scary and intriguing and vulnerable.

It’s about not quite knowing where it will take you, but also desiring that somehow, someway, you and your life will be transformed into something far better.

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What Do You Do When You Have No Passion?

If passion is an emotion, a perspective and a state of being, then it’s something that you do rather than have.

Which is actually a good thing, because that means you can create it.

It’s not something that you use up and it’s all gone. It’s something that you can make yourself when you want to.

And that’s the key.

Boredom is the result of a loss of passion. When every moment of every day is merely a repeat of the day before, it’s easy to fall into a rut. As Tony Robbins says, “If you’re not growing, you’re dying.”

Passion must be felt. It must be nurtured. To sustain passion, you grow and change.

The more things you are passionate about in life, the more things you will have to be passionate about.

Once you start bringing back passion in one area of your life, it will start to spill over into the rest of your life.

How Do You Find Your Passion Again?

Finding your passion again or discovering it for the first time, is a process. Luckily, there are several things you can do to help you to reconnect with your heart and find passion in your life again.

Passion is Limitless

You can have more than one passion in life. To live a truly passionate life is more about falling in love with your life and living it than it is with any specific thing in particular.

It’s appreciating and embracing what life has to offer. In the words of Robin Williams, “Seize the day.”

To Find Your Passion, Reconnect With Pleasure

Make it easy on yourself, because finding your passion is closer than you may think. One of the easiest ways to reconnect with your passion is through pleasure.

Passion and pleasure are closely linked. When you look at the things that bring you pleasure, the feelings are similar.

And having a passion for life and living also includes experiencing and enjoying pleasures, both small and large.

When you allow yourself to fully experience pleasure, you connect into your passion. Many times your greatest passions will come from things that bring you pleasure in many different ways.

For example, a passion for art or painting includes the emotional connection to the colors on the canvas, the shapes and textures in the work.

It also includes the initial spark of an idea and the meaning and intention behind it, what the work says to both the creator and those who experience it.

An artist feels passion and pleasure in the brush strokes, the smell of the paint, watching the vision appear and bringing that vision to life.

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But Is Passion Allowed In Your Life?

Is pleasure and passion even allowed in your life?

Watching children, they seem to flow from emotion to emotion, fully experiencing happiness, sadness, joy, excitement, fear and wonder and a dozen or more other emotions in a surprisingly short period of time.

But when we get older, and more sophisticated, we act as if we’ve outgrown those emotions. It’s as if joy and happiness, excitement, passion, and pleasure are no longer allowed.

Are you resisting feeling pleasure in your life? Are you resisting feeling passion? Or are they set aside for just narrow specific purposes like physical intimacy or a fleeting reward for good behavior?

In order to find and connect with your passion for living, you need to allow yourself to feel and experience both passion and pleasure on a regular, if not daily or hourly basis.

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Nurturing and Nourishing Passion Through Pleasure

The easiest way to sneak up on passion is through experiencing and embracing pleasure.

Take the time, even if only a few moments, to fully and mindfully experience events in your life. This works even for something as simple as drinking a cup of tea.

Feel the warmth of the teacup in your hands. Inhale the aroma of the tea. Notice the delicate handle of the tea cup.

Sit back and relax. Appreciate the view around you, perhaps the sight of a sleeping cat or the wind in the trees. Feel the chair cradling you. Sip the tea slowly and enjoy the taste of it.

Allow yourself to fully experience the moment through all of your senses. Allow yourself to feel pleasure in your heart, body and soul.

Notice and appreciate other small and large moments throughout your day.

As you become more accustomed to and accepting of pleasure, you are opening yourself to experiencing more passion in your life as well.

As you become more aware of what makes you feel good in the moment, you’ll start to notice or remember other things that bring you joy.

You’ll discover other things to pursue that help you to feel more and more alive.

But it all starts with noticing the small things now.

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Make a Commitment to Living With Passion

Following your passion starts with a decision. Make a commitment with yourself to love yourself enough to allow yourself to have passion in your life.

And also make that same commitment to allowing yourself to be happy.

Notice when you find yourself resisting these feelings. It may be more often than you think.

It’s okay to feel your emotions, especially the ones that feel good! Sometimes we all need to be reminded of that.

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Take Your Time and Enjoy the Journey

Passions are developed. Part of the fun of creating a passionate life is discovering new passions and things to be passionate about.

Passion is a living experience. It’s being in the moment and being fully present.

When you live your life with passion, you are fully participating in the experience, whatever experience you’re having.

It’s being open to new things, new interests and ideas.

It’s finding things that excite you and intrigue you, and taking the time to study them, learn about them and experience them.

Find Your Passion: Fun versus Satisfying

Finding your passion and living a passionate life is not just about feeling good. It isn’t necessarily always fun or easy.

Learning and experiencing new things always involve growing, and usually, in order to learn and grow, you hit a few speed bumps along the way.

But that’s where the challenge and the mystery and the unknown steps in. That’s where the excitement is.

That gives you the opportunity to reach and stretch and expand your horizons and discover even more new worlds and adventures.

And that’s always far more satisfying than boredom.

Embrace passion, embrace pleasure and fully live and experience your life. Carpe diem, seize the day.

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