41 Spring Bucket List Ideas for a Sensational Spring

spring bucket list ideas

Looking for some fresh, new ideas for your spring bucket list?

With the world suddenly turning green overnight and the weather swinging from spring showers to warm sunny days, it’s time for fresh new adventures and memories to make.

So, shake off the chill of winter and slip into the sweetness of spring and make the most of the season before summer sets in.

From outdoor escapades to tasty treats, here are 41 (mostly free) spring bucket list ideas to get outside, smell the flowers, and celebrate spring.

Spring Bucket List Ideas

1. Fly a kite

2. Walk barefoot in the grass

3. Create a spring playlist

4. Start an herb garden or start a few herb plants in pots

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5. Star gaze and learn a new constellation

6. Watch the sunrise and sunset on the Spring Equinox

7. Make a bird feeder

8. Open the windows for fresh spring air

9. Hang a new wind chime

10. Visit a botanical garden

11. Dye Easter eggs

12. Look for rainbows after a spring shower

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13. Go on a picnic

14. Plant a vegetable garden

15. Celebrate Fat Tuesday with a bowl of jambalaya

16. Get a pretty spring outfit

17. Look for a four-leaf clover

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18. Spring forward (Change your clocks!)

19. Relax in a hammock or porch swing

20. Plant a tree for Arbor Day

21. Make strawberry shortcake

22. Look for shapes in the clouds

23. Listen to Vivaldi’s Spring

24. Go for a bike ride

25. Make an Easter basket

26. Cook with spring vegetables

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27. Gather a bouquet of daffodils

28. Clean out your closet

29. Get a reusable water bottle for Earth Day

30. Make dandelion wine

31. Look for the first robin of spring

32. Start a nature journal

33. Hang a hummingbird feeder

34. Wear green for St. Patrick’s Day

35. Read a book outside

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36. Drink May wine for May Day

37. Enjoy a full moon

38. Make dandelion wishes

39. Go on a wildflower hike

40. Look for fireflies

41. Press flowers in a book

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