78 Ideas for the Best Summer Bucket List Ever

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Need some fresh summer bucket list ideas for the laid-back, sundrenched days of summer?

Summer’s the time for laughter, fun and new adventures.

And it’s not just for kids anymore. Everybody needs a great summer break!

With the long, hot, lazy days, it’s the perfect season to relax, restore and explore.

Just check out our list of 78 summer bucket list ideas to make this the best summer ever!

Summer Bucket List Ideas

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1. Make a summer scrapbook

2. Dance in the rain

3. Make tie-dye T-shirts

4. Go skinny dipping

5. Watch fireflies

6. Go for a nighttime walk

7. Check out local free events

8. Hike in nature

9. Go berry picking

10. Watch movies in your backyard

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11. Learn a magic trick

12. Go camping

13. Learn new constellations

14. Make your own pizza

15. Tell stories around a campfire

16. Create a summer playlist

17. Make homemade ice cream

18. Go on a road trip

19. Watch the Perseid’s meteor shower

20. Check out a drive-in movie

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21. Roast marshmallows and hot dogs

22. Paddle a canoe

23. Bird watch

24. Have a game night

25. Make your own wine

26. Join a book club

27. Swim in the moonlight

28. Feed the ducks

29. Attend a cooking class

30. Take a photo each day

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31. Meditate daily for 30 days

32. Go snorkeling

33. Have a tea party

34. Watch an old movie

35. Read a fun book by the pool

36. Eat ice cream under a full moon

37. Visit a Farmer’s Market

38. Watch the sunrise

39. Go fishing

40. Ride a bike

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41. Visit a Planetarium

42. Have a cook-out

43. Go Geo-Caching

44. Take underwater pictures

45. Make root beer floats

46. See a concert in the park

47. Chase the rabbits out of the garden

48. Eat corn on the cob

49. Make sun tea

50. Have a movie marathon

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51. Sit on a porch swing

52. Visit an Aquarium

53. Make a fresh berry cobbler

54. Go to the beach or a lake

55. Eat alfresco

56. Watch fireworks

57. Visit a National Park

58. Visit an antique car show

59. Read a book then see the movie

60. Go wine tasting

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61. Make a new summer drink

62. Have a home spa day

63. Sleep out under the stars

64. Make your own version of a restaurant favorite

65. Visit a Flea Market

66. Eat fresh tomato sandwiches

67. Attend a midnight movie premiere

68. Try a week without TV

69. Make lemonade

70. Lay on the grass and watch the clouds

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71. Create a new recipe

72. Learn a new dance

73. Take a day trip

74. Visit a Museum

75. Try a new restaurant

76. Eat watermelon

77. Go to a film festival

78. Play tourist in your hometown

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